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Our gamut of high-impact programs span industries and geographies.

Flagship programs of T-Hub


Product Readiness Program

For every 7 product ideas, only 1 idea yields a successful product, mainly due to the gap in end-user empathy and clear understanding of the product development life cycle.
RubriX – T-Hub’s product development program – aims to help entrepreneurs move their software prototypes to a minimum viable product (MVP) stage with reduced development time and costs.
For founders looking at a structured approach to building a great product and timely risk mitigation, RubriX is a must-attend.


India's Longest-Running Market Readiness Program

Lab32 is a 100 days long, goal-based market readiness program for Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Ready and Market Ready Startups to refine their Product-Market Fit (PMF) and Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy. The latest edition of Lab32 (Cohort “10”) – in partnership with our Value Partners – aims to nurture startups from the Indian subcontinent working on innovative solutions. Lab32’s unique program format, fine-tuned over “ten (10)” previous cohorts, helps startups push their limits, achieve their goals faster and come out better prepared for “market” success.


Investment Readiness Program

T-Angel is a 100-day goal-oriented program focused on preparing revenue generating startups for their first Investment.The latest action-based edition of T-Angel (Cohort 6) partnered with 5 key Angel Investors aims to support startups with Branding, Storyboarding, Financial structure, Pitch deck and Due Diligence. All this is enabled by the right guidance from key Investors, mentors and successful founders.
Startups need to be equipped with the right essentials to become investment-ready and maximise their chances of getting funded. T-Angel fosters startups by providing customised guidance and intensive knowledge-sharing sessions from mentors, access to a range of investor networks, and funding from angel investors. Startups graduating from this cohort will be upskilled and Investment ready with an access to pitch to multiple investors.


International Arm of T-Hub

T-Bridge is a T-Hub’s International program that aims to build bridges for entrepreneurs to scale internationally. Programs under T-Bridge target both Indian startups ready to go global and international startups looking for support entering Indian and South-Asian markets. This initiative will empower and enable market access for startups in different geographies.


Innovation and Incubation for every entrepreneur

AIC T-Hub Foundation is a partnership between Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and T-Hub, aiming to foster a culture of innovation across India by supporting promising startups working on cutting-edge solutions in its chosen themes.
T-Hub is the world’s largest innovation hub and India’s best incubator powering next-generation products and new business models.


Scaling and growing startups encounter a range of formidable challenges, and the inability to navigate these obstacles effectively can result in significant setbacks. Key issues include a lack of strategic focus, sustainable value proposition, market penetration, operational efficiency, talent acquisition,  financial constraints, second-line leadership and digital transformation roadmap. 

Addressing these challenges systematically is crucial for startups to progress successfully through growth stages and achieve Series-A readiness.

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T-Hub Angel Network (TAN) Abundant investment opportunities in high-potential startups,

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