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45 Days

Fast-track your vision to bring your ideas to life

Unleash your Potential with BlitZ

An Idea to Prototype Program

BlitZ is crafted exclusively for ideators, who are ready to transform their innovative ideas into tangible prototypes - all in a 45-day sprint.

Why Choose BlitZ?

Expert-Led Learning Sessions

Learn from the best with BlitZ - our sessions are led by industry experts and mentors who bring real-world insights and hands-on guidance.

Access to Premium Tools

Get unparalleled access to cutting-edge tools and resources, ensuring you have everything needed to turn your visionary ideas into high-quality prototypes.

Human-Centric Design Approach

We prioritize understanding end-user needs, ensuring that every prototype ideators develop is deeply rooted in human-centred design.

Theme-Based Curriculum

Our curriculum is strategically structured around specific themes in software development, enabling ideators to dive deep into relevant areas of prototype development.

Key Design Thinking Principles

BlitZ integrates fundamental design thinking principles, fostering an environment where creativity and practical problem-solving coexist.

Iterative Mindset

We emphasize an iterative approach to prototyping, encouraging continuous refinement and adaptation to achieve perfection.

Proto Day

Proto Day is a highlight of BlitZ, where participants showcase their prototypes, receive feedback, and experience the thrill of bringing ideas to life.

Why Choose BlitZ?

Human-Centric Design Approach

Theme-Based Curriculum

Key Design Thinking Principles

Iterative Mindset

Proto Day

Expert-Led Learning Sessions

Access to Premium Tools

Blitz is for

Working Professionals

Are you a professional seeking to enhance your idea?

BlitZ is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Build a prototype in just 6 weeks while balancing your work commitments.


Are you a student with an idea, but don’t know how to start?

BlitZ provides a structured curriculum and hands-on learning sessions. Gain practical experience and stand out with your startup idea. 


Do you have a groundbreaking idea but don’t know how to start?

BlitZ bridges the gap, offering a unique blend of a theme-based curriculum through hands-on learning. Refine your ideas with guidance and mentorship. 

How does the Program Work?

45-Day Sprint

Your focus during this initiative will encompass every facet of building a prototype. Immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge provided by domain experts who will serve as your mentors. Each module presents 10 to 15 distinct assignments meticulously crafted for your exploration and application.

Blitz Primer

Begin your journey with an immersive overview of product life cycles, innovation, and the founder's mindset. It's the groundwork that prepares you for the sprint ahead.

Market Research

Dive into comprehensive market analysis, customer segmentation, competition scrutiny, and viability assessments, equipping you with the insights you need to carve out your niche.

User Research

Engage in hands-on research methods, conduct surveys, and gather critical data to understand and cater to your target audience effectively.

Brainstorming and Ideation

Here, creativity meets structure. Generate and refine your ideas, setting the stage for breakthrough innovations.

Value Proposition, Business Model Canvas

Learn the art of creating value and aligning it with customer needs, ensuring your prototype is not just innovative but also market-ready.

Product Design (UI/UX)

Dive into the design aspects, crafting a user experience that resonates and engages, turning users into advocates.

Rapid Prototyping

Bring your idea to life with a working prototype that captures the essence of your vision, ready to be tested and iterated.

Testing and Iterations

Receive real-world feedback, refine your product, and ensure it meets market needs and expectations.


Sign up for the BlitZ program based on your profile – Working Professionals, Students, or Enterprenuers.
23 January 2024
Call for Applications
05 March 2024
Application Closure
15 March 2024
Cohort Finalization & Onboarding
29 March 2024
Program Kick-off
13 May 2024
Proto Day

What Happens After 45 days ?

Graduating with a prototype is just the beginning of your startup journey. Make your working prototype into a global Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with RubriX – T-Hub’s flagship rapid product development program.

Our Team

Raghuveer Kovuru

4X founder, Director of innovation.

Vinay Peddinti

2X founder, Program lead for BlitZ, Handles innovation projects for Apollotyres, Carrier, Qualcomm, Algorand

Harshitha Chowdary


Bashireddy Saikumareddy

UX researcher and Product Management enthusiast.
Program coordinator @ BlitZ

Arun Chinnachamy

Founder @ ResidualHue | Building SaaS & Communities

Manoj Kumar Bada Ghar Wala

Product Development Mentor | Startups Advisor

Our Partners


Blitz is a comprehensive 45-day program designed to help ideators build their prototypes. You need to bring your ideas, and we will provide comprehensive support, mentorship, and interventions to ensure you go out with prototypes after.

 The program includes essential in-person sessions at T-Hub, Hyderabad. We welcome and encourage applications from those willing to travel for these sessions.

Yes, Blitz is designed exclusively for tech startups. It focuses on leveraging technological innovation, providing specialised support and resources that cater specifically to the unique needs and challenges of tech-based ventures.

The cost for the program is 30,000 INR + applicable GST.

The program spans 45 days and is conducted offline, in-person at T-Hub.

Blitz offers guidance from experienced mentors and experts, along with access to a supportive community to support and enhance your learning experience.

Proto Day is an opportunity to present your prototype to a diverse audience, including academia, government entities, and corporations, for valuable feedback and exposure. It’s a key opportunity to showcase innovations and build connections with stakeholders.

No, a technical background is not necessary. We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply for the program, focusing on the end goal of prototype development.

Post-graduation, T-Hub offers the ‘Rubrix’ program, designed to assist startups in evolving their PoC into a global viable Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This program provides the necessary guidance and resources to take your innovation to the next level and establish a strong foothold in the market.

If selected, you will receive a detailed confirmation email outlining your acceptance into the program. Following this, our dedicated outreach team will maintain continuous communication with you, providing comprehensive guidance on the forthcoming steps, including program schedules.

If not selected, we encourage you to refine and further develop your idea in preparation for future opportunities. Our cohorts run every 2-3 months, providing regular chances to reapply.

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