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Explore T-Scale: The Series A Readiness Program

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Srinivas Rao Mahankali (MSR)

CEO, T-Hub

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Wg Cdr Anthony Anish (Retd)

COO, T-Hub

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Chennapa Naidu

Co-Founder, Factoryal

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Dashradh Ram Nutakki

Startup Mentor, Strategy Consultant & Business Coach, Factoryal

The Problem

Scaling and growing startups encounter a range of formidable challenges, and the inability to navigate these obstacles effectively can result in significant setbacks. Key issues include a lack of strategic focus, sustainable value proposition, market penetration, operational efficiency, talent acquisition,  financial constraints, second-line leadership and digital transformation roadmap. 

Addressing these challenges systematically is crucial for startups to progress successfully through growth stages and achieve Series-A readiness.


Pathway for Rapid Scaling
& Series-A Investment

T-Scale is a pivotal catalyst for startup success, offering a transformative approach to value creation. Through personalised mentoring, strategic interventions, and funding support, it empowers startups to achieve holistic growth in organisational maturity, product readiness, marketing & sales agility, operational efficiency, and digital transformation.

By customising strategies to each startup’s unique needs, the program accelerates startups journey towards creating substantial value. It enables startups to swiftly adapt to market dynamics, fostering growth and operational excellence. Our program methodology centres on propelling startups to prominence in the global tech landscape with a distinctive consulting approach, setting us apart from traditional models.

The goal is to elevate startup maturity, boost scalability, and prepare them for Series-A investment or global expansion.

For Whom?

The program welcomes applications from ambitious and forward-thinking startups poised for transformative growth in the dynamic landscape of their respective industries. 

  • Entrepreneurs with a spirit of curiosity and a passion for sustainable growth
  • Startups operating in sectors aligned with our program’s focus
  • Startups are generating an annual revenue of $500K or more
  • Startups have been incorporated not prior to 2019

We seek visionaries who approach challenges with curiosity, demonstrating a keen desire to learn, adapt, and propel their ventures to new heights.

T-Hub + Factoryal

A Powerful Alliance

T-Hub and Factoryal form a potent alliance, synergising their strengths to ensure the success of the T-Scale program. T-Hub, renowned for its robust ecosystem and extensive network of mentors and investors, provides invaluable resources and expertise.

Factoryal, with its focus on tailored growth interventions, strategic execution, and transaction advisory, complements T-Hub’s offerings, creating a comprehensive and effective support system. 

Together, we offer a one-of-a-kind program constructed to help eligible startups overcome challenges and accelerate their journey towards scalability, growth, and Series-A readiness.

T-Hub Ecosystem

Powerhouse of startup resources, networking, market access, investor connect and market access fund

Growth Maturity

A quintet maturity quotient framework for sustainable growth designed by Factoryal

Dynamic Consulting

Tailored mentoring support through a dynamic consulting model

Assured Outcomes

Outcome-driven program methodology for seamless progress review


Growth Maturity Framework

Our collaboration endeavors to identify, evaluate, and propel startups into a trajectory of scale-up readiness, with a focus on five pivotal dimensions:

  • Product Maturity: Rigorously assessing the uniqueness, scalability, and potential market disruption of the startup’s product or service
  • Revenue Engine Maturity: Evaluating the startup’s revenue generation capabilities, ensuring sustainable growth and market competitiveness
  • Team/Organization Maturity: Analyzing the startup team’s adaptability, leadership, and innovation quotient, crucial for attracting investors
  • Process Maturity: Streamlining operational processes to drive efficiency, agility, and scalability, factors that investors value
  • Digital Transformation Maturity: Ensuring startups leverage digital technologies strategically to optimize operations and innovation potential


Dynamic Consulting Construct

Our proposed engagement model encompasses the following stages:

  • Assessment & Diagnosis: A comprehensive evaluation of startups across the five maturity dimensions, forming the basis of their journey towards achieving the desired scale
  • Gap Prioritization: Identifying immediate enhancement opportunities, addressing weaknesses, and optimising strengths to attract investor interest and accelerate growth
  • Maturity Benchmarks: Establishing ambitious yet attainable benchmarks and KPIs for each dimension, enabling startups to track their progress effectively
  • Implementation through Ecosystem Support: Tailored resources, mentorship, workshops, networking, partnerships, alliances, investor connect opportunities to accelerate growth initiatives
  • Monitoring and Feedback: Continuously refining strategies based on data-driven insights and investor feedback
  • Series-A Funding Readiness: Nurturing startups to fulfil the prerequisites for successful Series-A funding, ensuring alignment with investor expectations


T-Hub Ecosystem

An innovation ecosystem fostering startups to scale

  • Extensive Network: Providing startups with access to a vast network of industry experts, mentors, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and potential partnerships
  • Access to Capital: Facilitating connections with potential investors, venture capitalists, and funding opportunities
  • Market Access: Providing startups with avenues to explore new markets, connect with potential customers, and gain insights into industry trends, supporting market penetration and expansion strategies
  • Visibility and Credibility: Enhancing startups’ visibility and credibility, adding value to a startup’s brand, and making it more attractive to potential investors and stakeholders
  • Strategic Partnerships: Facilitating the formation of strategic partnerships between startups, corporations, and academic institutions, fostering innovation, collaboration, and potential business synergies


Assured Outcomes

The proposed consulting construct offers several transformative outcomes. 

  • Targeted Growth Strategies: Each startup receives tailored support, addressing their specific needs and maximizing their chances of success in their competitive landscape
  • Measurable Progress: Maturity benchmarks and KPIs offer startups a clear roadmap for their journey towards scalability and sustainable growth
  • Funding Readiness: Startups are strategically positioned to attract Series-A investors by showcasing their growth potential and market viability
  • Market Access Fund: An opportunity to get market access fund up to $500K (subject to startup progress and mentor’s recommendation)



We are inviting startups operating in the sectors of our interest, generating an annual revenue of $500K or more, and have incorporated not prior to 2019. Selection is based on various criteria, including the viability of the business model, growth potential, team strength, and alignment with the program’s focus areas.

This is a 12-month program spread over four phases viz, need-gap analysis, execution of strategic interventions, maturity level assessments and Series-A investment readiness, further enabled by the T-Hub Ecosystem.

Program mentor and support team will have a customised approach for each of the startups with need-gap analysis, industry and competition analysis, designing custom growth intervention basis the SWOT analysis of the startup, and mobilising required resources for execution of prescribed interventions help navigate the execution challenges.

Unlike other startup accelerator programs, this program is less about education and knowledge sessions and more about mentoring, goal-driven execution, course corrections, and diligent progress reviews to attain organisational maturity for scale and growth.

T-Scale organizes collaborative events, peer-to-peer sessions, and networking opportunities to encourage participating startups to learn from each other and explore business synergies, if any.

Our upcoming cohort is scheduled to commence from February 2024, for which last date for application is 2nd February, 2024. Contact our program manager for further details.

As founders, you must commit at least 20-30 hours per month to participate in this program and unleash the immense potential of this program to change the growth trajectory of your startup

Founders and functional leaders or manager who are leading the key business functions are instrumental in executing various strategic interventions prescribed by the program mentor(s).

The total cost of the program is multi-fold and is taken in 3 modes i.e. monthly program support fee, success fee on investments and sweat equity. Our team will help you understand the nuances of the same after the eligibility check.

Yes, T-Hub will invest up to $500K of market access funds per qualified startup, based on the progress and maturity levels achieved as per the program objectives and as prescribed by program mentor(s).

Yes and No! It depends on how serious you are about this program and how much time and resources you are devoted to executing the prescribed growth interventions with the help of Factoryal’s transaction advisory services and T-Hub’s investor network.

Programs may have different outcomes for startups that don’t secure Series-A funding. Some continue to provide support, while others may encourage alternative funding avenues or pathways basis their revenue model.

This program is not meant for quitters. Under any circumstances, if a startup is willing to quit the program they must pay the balance program fee for the remnant duration of the program.

Post-program support varies for startups that secured Series-A funding, and that did not. T-Hub and Factoryal will continue to offer resources, general mentorship, and connections for those startups with equity interests, even after the formal program concludes. Other startups may have individual engagement with Factoryal for continued support.

T-Hub is thrilled to introduce T-Scale, a pioneering 12-month integrated and outcome-based Growth
Accelerator program. Developed and operated in partnership with Factoryal, T-Scale is designed to
shatter the barriers that often hinder the growth of carefully selected Scale-ready startups operating
in the domains of Deep Tech, Enterprise Tech, Space Tech, Sustainability, Mobility, Consumer Tech
and other selected sectors of our interest

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