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Accelerating the next generation of space technology and space industry solutions in India.

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Selected Startups

Aeroin SpaceTech (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) is a private aerospace research startup focused on space science and technology projects, primarily developing Small Satellite Launch Vehicles (R&D stage). The company also undertakes hands-on aerospace and astronautics projects. Their mission is to advance space technology for industry, academia, and space enthusiasts, fostering innovation in India’s space sector.

 (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) pioneers advanced propulsion technology to design and develop for Single Stage to Orbit vehicles, shaping the future of space exploration. With a private rocket launch platform, they offer efficient and flexible access to space for satellites, cargo, and manned missions.

AkashaLabdhi (Roorkee, Uttarakhand) is an aerospace engineering startup focused on developing inflatable space habitats for both orbital and surface applications. Their technology aims to replace traditional solutions, like the International Space Station with more sustainable and cost-effective options. AntriksHab’s habitats are designed for human habitation in space, offering advanced, maintainable, and affordable structures.
Advick AgVenture (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) is striving to revolutionize global agriculture through satellite-based precision farming, driving sustainable food production and empowering farmers with data-driven insights to enable them to make informed decisions, optimize resource utilization and maximize crop yields.
Agnihotri Aerospace (Mangaluru, Karnataka) is an early-stage tech startup focused on developing a reusable system for rockets, primarily concentrating on the guidance system to guide the first stage of the rocket back from space to a designated landing location.
Blurgs AI (Bengaluru, Karnataka) is dedicated to harnessing the vast potential of satellite, drone, and aerial-based payload technologies to redefine data intelligence solutions. Their innovative approach aims to revolutionize how data is gathered, analyzed, and utilized for various industries and applications.
Brahmaandco Spacetech (Mumbai, Maharashtra) is a pioneering space tech company that custom-builds state-of-the-art rovers to advance lunar mining and deep space exploration.
Cosmo Crawler (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) specializes in space exploration products, particularly Small Satellite Launch Vehicles and Earth Observation Satellites. Their mission is to advance space exploration capabilities through innovative technology and solutions.
Cosmicport (Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu) is dedicated to space exploration products, with a primary focus on Small Satellite Launch Vehicles and Earth Observation Satellites. Their innovative approach and cutting-edge technology aim to redefine space exploration and observation capabilities.
CoralComp (Telangana, Hyderabad) is a start-up that specializes in aerospace decision-making with real-time weather analysis and prediction. Their cutting-edge technology enables informed decision-making for aerospace operations by providing accurate and up-to-date weather insights.

Expanse Cosmos (Delhi) is touted as India’s first space transportation and logistics startup, providing end-to-end space mobility solutions, enhancing small satellite deployment and performance while reducing space pollution. Their flagship product, the BOSON-OTV, is a reusable, customizable in-space logistics vehicle powered by the innovative B48E Thruster, which allows deep throttling and differential thrust stabilization, addressing last-mile delivery challenges in space with eco-friendly, 3D-printed technology.

GISKernel Technologies (Pune, Maharashtra) excels in geospatial services, like earth observation image processing, ML/AI data modeling, and GIS application development, helping businesses leverage location-based insights to optimize operations and make informed decisions across various domains.
Inbound Aerospace (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) is focused on providing a spacecraft platform that utilizes the unique microgravity environment of space to manufacture revolutionary products that profoundly impact and improve the lives on Earth. By harnessing the unparalleled conditions of space, Inbound Aerospace strives to usher in a new era of innovation, improving lives and shaping the future of technology. (Kamaraj Nagar, Port Blair) is revolutionizing military intelligence and global security through cutting-edge Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) solutions powered by advanced AI algorithms and satellite imagery.
KosmosOne (Gondia, Maharashtra) is a space-tech company that stands at the forefront of space exploration and innovation. Their flagship project, Kosmos-Station, is an autonomous, uncrewed space station crafted with modular reconfigurable spacecraft (MRS) technology. It provides dedicated microgravity research and in-space manufacturing modules at a substantially reduced cost compared to conventional crewed space stations.
Onnes Cryogenics. (Hyderabad, Telangana) is at the forefront of revolutionizing cooling technology with minuscule cryogenics, aimed at enhancing the performance of electronics at the device level. Their cutting-edge solutions provide efficient cooling mechanisms, optimizing the functionality and longevity of electronic devices.
Omspace Rocket and Exploration (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) is a pioneering force in space exploration, offering innovative solutions for satellite launches and beyond. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, they provide cutting-edge technology and expertise to advance humanity’s presence in space.
Pramatra Space (Bengaluru, Karnataka) is a quantum technology venture committed to enhancing enterprise resilience through quantum solutions. Their mission involves building satellites to distribute quantum keys, bolstering security for businesses.
Satlabs Space Systems (Bengaluru, Karnataka) is a leading provider of data relay satellite constellations, facilitating network access for machines both on Earth and in space. Their state-of-the-art technology guarantees reliable and secure data transmission, empowering seamless connectivity for various applications.
Sisir Radar (Kolkata, West Bengal) offers advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems for air-borne and space-borne platforms. Their payloads are optimized for size, weight, and power, making them suitable for tactical UAVs, VTOL, fixed-wing UAVs, aircraft, and satellite platforms.
Space Aura (Mumbai, Maharashtra) is a space tourism and exploration company. Space Tourists will travel to the edge of space, reaching around 30 km altitude, by sitting inside a comfortable and spacious Space Capsule attached to a unique high-altitude balloon system.

Spantrik (Hyderabad, Telangana) manufactures rockets and offers commercial launch services for human space tourism and satellites. The company develops space-capable launch vehicles, including sub-orbital and orbital reusable rockets, and aims to revolutionize launch services for human space travel and payload delivery by leveraging advanced engineering and production systems. Their goal is to provide reliable and affordable access to space through innovative, reusable launch vehicles.

Taramandal (Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh) has designed the Cross Orbital Reusable Transition Vehicle (co-RTV), which is an innovative, reusable orbital spacecraft designed to facilitate a range of futuristic in-orbit services. With its advanced capabilities, this versatile vehicle is revolutionizing space missions by providing cost-effective and sustainable solutions for a variety of orbital operations.
Thrustworks Dynetics (Pune, Maharashtra) specializes in designing and developing innovative propulsion systems, with a primary focus on the 20 kN KereLox (kerosene and liquid oxygen) rocket engine under Project One. Their research and development address gaps in the market for high-thrust, high-efficiency engines and micro-combustors.