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UK - India Emerging Tech Exchange Program

UK - India Emerging Tech Exchange Program aims to promote partnership between the two countries in advanced technologies as part of the collaboration with the Innovative T-Hub Startup Ecosystem in Hyderabad, India. With a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence and Semiconductor advancements, the primary objective of this program is to connect visionary companies in smart electronics to tackle emerging challenges and promote NextGen technologies.

Innovative AI Solutions

Pioneering breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), companies with cutting-edge solutions have the potential to revolutionise multiple industries, from enhancing Data Analytics and Automation to creating sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms. 

If your company is among these AI pioneers, this program presents a distinctive chance to collaborate, expand, and make a significant impact.

Semiconductor Innovation Spectrum

We're seeking visionary players in the semiconductor landscape, spanning fabless startups, fab infrastructure pioneers, semiconductor material innovators, EDA tool developers, hardware startups, and chip manufacturers. 

Whether your expertise lies in chip design, verification, or testing, or you are pushing boundaries with advanced materials and software tools, we invite you to connect with us.

What Makes India Stand Out?

The Indian market is emerging rapidly as a crucial player in the semiconductor and AI industries. The country offers a fertile ground for innovation with a deep talent pool, a thriving Startup Ecosystem, and increasing technology adoption across various sectors. Government initiatives and global recognition of expertise further support the advancements of these sectors. 

India's potential as a chip innovation hub and dedication to addressing societal issues make it the most sought-after destination for semiconductors and AI companies. The global shift towards sustainable technologies aligns well with India's objectives, paving opportunities to collaborate and progress in diverse innovative fields.

What Sets UK Apart ?

The United Kingdom has solidified its position as a leading center for semiconductor and AI innovation, paralleling India's dynamic growth in these sectors. With a diverse talent pool and a thriving startup ecosystem, the UK offers an ideal landscape for entrepreneurial ventures.  

Overall, the UK's dynamic ecosystem and focus on innovation make it a prime destination for startups in semiconductor and AI industries, promoting growth and positive societal change.

Benefits of the Program

Join the vibrant community of entrepreneurs and industry professionals, fostering collaboration, idea exchange, and mutual assistance in the ecosystem.

Gain first-hand experience exploring the India & UK market through organised market visits, gaining valuable insights and understanding the local business landscape.

Collaborate with T-Hub to identify and align essential supplementary resources, ensuring optimal utilisation of opportunities and crafting a comprehensive market entry and expansion strategy.

Our online group learning sessions delve into business formation and scaling. Our expert-led masterclasses, workshops, and panel discussions cover a wide range of topics that will help you grow your business in India and UK.

As part of the program it covers travel, accommodation, and local transport for startups during their immersion. 

Get country-specific mentoring from our industry experts to gain tailored insights for navigating the India & UK market and maximising your business potential.

Foster business collaborations by accessing our valuable connections with our Indian Customers and trusted partners.

Eligibility Criteria

Any UK or India-based company centered on Semiconductor and AI technologies, at the minimum viable product stage or beyond, demonstrating exciting traction, is eligible to apply for this program.

*We are exclusively considering applications from 15 pioneering startups—ten from India and five from the United Kingdom, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Semiconductor technologies.

Program Schedule

05 January 2024
Program Launch (Call for Application)
13 December 2023
Applications Deadline
13-16 December 2023
16 -18 December 2023
Cohort Confirmation
08 January 2024
Program Kickoff
18 -28 March 2024
India Immersion
21 March 2024
Demo Day
10 June 2024
UK Immersion

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