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AIC T-Hub Foundation is hosted at T-Hub Foundation Hyderabad. T-Hub fosters a culture of Innovation. It leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem and powers next-generation products and new business models. Since its incorporation in 2015, it has provided 1,100+ national and international startups access to better technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporations, investors, and government agencies.

At AIC-T-Hub, sanctioned under the Atal Innovation Mission scheme of Govt. of India, we support and encourage startups that have applications and impact in the Healthcare, Mobility, Sustainability, and  Semicon sectors by creating a strong ecosystem that gives startups access to investors, global mentors,  industry experts, service providers, fellow entrepreneurs.

Program Objective

Starting with Prototype / MVP, the startups will achieve product commercialization, increasing customer base,  and a defined GTM strategy.

Cohort 3 - Focus Areas

The focus of Sustainability Cohort 3 is on Climate Tech startups. We aim to support startups that have developed prototypes and are in the process of building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)  The program will assist them in commercialization plans, understanding the market, and accessing resources for growth.

Climate Tech

Renewable, Solar, Thermal, & Bio Fuels Energies

Circular Economies

Energy Efficiency Technologies

Carbon Capture & Storage

Water Management Solutions

Green Building Technologies

Industrial Sustainability

Sustainable Agri Tech

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainable Block Chain & Supply Chain

Aquaponics, Hydroponics, & Aeroponics Technologies

How does this program help you?

Eligibility Criteria

Program Schedule

Assess - Week 1 to 2

Learn - Week 3 to 10

Deliver - Week 11 to 12



Bianca Dönicke

Head of Sustainability EMEA at Aliaxis

Sai Bhaskar Reddy


Satyendra Vaidya

ESG Reporting

Sameer Joshi

Vice Chairman @ IPI

Mentors & Teams

Bianca Dönicke

Head of Sustainability EMEA at Aliaxis

Sai Bhaskar Reddy


Satyendra Vaidya

ESG Reporting

Sameer Joshi

Vice Chairman @ IPI

Mr. Varun Sai


Founder Talks


“ T-Hub is one of the best incubation think tanks and the largest ecosystem of various kinds of startups working to create an impact in the world. We felt many updates and positive changes in our business after beginning to receive mentorship from T-Hub. AIC Sustainability Program considered startups working on creating a positive environmental impact while working on reducing the carbon and plastic footprint with various kinds of innovations. We feel that every startup working on the aspect of waste management, reusability, alternate materials, or any other approach for a positive environmental impact must join this program for sure. We, as a team at Himalayan Hemp wholeheartedly thank T-Hub and AIC Sustainable Program team and mentors for doing their work courageously and bringing positive changes in the world.”

“I think the program has a unique community of entrepreneurs and a great ecosystem supporting great infrastructure in the sustainability space. As a result of the connections that AIC-THub facilitates, startups are able to achieve their goals more quickly.”

“Jivoule Biofuels startup based out of Hyderabad is humbled to be selected for the AIC Sustainability program of T- Hub. The program is designed very well to suit the requirements of Startups and Founders. Jivoule Biofuels benefited immensely from the mentoring sessions on impactful topics that were curated basis on the recommendation of startups. The network connections are another huge value proposition of the program coming from T-Hub, Cohort members, and the vast experience of the program management professionals as they were entrepreneurs earlier. As part of the program, we even pitched to the UK delegation to explore synergies and mutual investment opportunities. Lastly and most importantly the Government and Market connections they gave for Jivoule Biofuels is so important for the journey of our startup to meet our vision and mission. As a founder, I am indebted to the T-Hub AIC Sustainability program and to all who supported me in my journey. Thank you very much.”

“T-Hub AIC sustainability –A Cohort program under Atal innovation mission scheme, to facilitate and create an eco-system for start-ups focused on sustainability and environmental social responsibility. Onelement Energy being a part of this ecosystem gained exposure in the market and support from the Govt. of Telangana to address alternative clean energy generation and energy storage. It was definitely a milestone for Onelement that allowed us to have a broader perspective and access to the Industry. We would like to thank T-Hub for making us a part of their visionary community and will continue to be, and contribute in the best of our capacity.”

“Varsha and you have been really supportive and helpful but as a Virtual incubator De’Dzines couldn’t get enough of market access and I am still looking forward to do any one pilot project in B2B space.”


The program fee is INR 50,000 + GST.

No, we do not ask for equity stakes in the startups.

  • Strong Founding Team
  • Relevant background experience
  • Founders with complementary skills
  • Strong advisory team
  • Should be actively looking to grow, participate, and engage with the program team
  • ● Strong Founding Team:
    ○ Relevant Background Experience
    ○ Founders with complimentary skills
    ○ Strong Advisory team
    ● Should be operating in India
    ● Should have the MVP ready and validated
    ● Startup should be in product commercialization stage
    ● Should be actively looking to grow, actively participate and engage with
    the team

Startups will receive comprehensive support, including access to mentors, domain experts, industry connections, and advanced research facilities.

The onboarding materials will specify the program duration, typically several months, to ensure thorough development and growth.

Startups will have access to networking opportunities with sustainability leaders, government agencies, corporate partners, and fellow entrepreneurs through T-Hub events and conferences.

While we do not provide direct funding, we connect startups with a network of investors, HNIs, and banks and provide information on government grants, funds, and incentives.

You will have access to a diverse pool of mentors, including industry experts, successful startup founders, and seasoned entrepreneurs who will guide you through your growth journey.

Regular check-ins, progress reviews, and milestone tracking will be conducted to ensure startups are on track to meet their goals.

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