T-Hub & FalconX

Accelerator Membership Plan

Program Overview

T-Hub is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with FalconX, marking the launch of our innovative Membership Program. This collaborative initiative brings together two influential ecosystem leaders, aiming to empower international startups seeking market entry into the USA and/or India. The Membership Program delivers a comprehensive array of advantages, including business address, market access, mentorship opportunities, industry exposure, and investor facilitation.

Members will seamlessly integrate into our dynamic community, gaining exclusive perks such as access to co-working spaces, a prestigious Silicon Valley address, discounted entry to events and webinars, mentors, investor introductions, and operational support. These tailored interventions have been meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of startups targeting expansion in the USA market.

What sets our Membership Program apart is its dual-territory advantage, providing startups with benefits not only at T-Hub but also at FalconX. This means that enrolled startups can leverage a unique blend of resources, support, and opportunities in both India and the US. It’s a game-changing initiative aimed at propelling startups toward global success.

Membership Benefits




Educational Sessions

Fundraise Support


Global Immersion Program

Tailored for international entrepreneurs—the Global Immersion Program is a gateway for international founders looking to access and expand in US market. Hosted in Silicon Valley, selected companies participate in a curated experience including an entrepreneurial masterclass, covering key areas like go-to-market strategies and fundraising. Founders also gain unique access to one-on-one mentorship from industry experts and have an opportunity to showcase at our Technology Day to an audience of industry luminaries, corporate partners, and venture capitalists.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibilty Criteria

About FalconX

Activation Partner: T-Hub

T-Hub (Technology Hub) is a premier innovation hub and ecosystem enabler based in Hyderabad, India. T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem and strives to create an impact for startups, corporations, and other ecosystem stakeholders. Its mission is to enable and empower an ecosystem hungry for innovation.

Incorporated in 2015, T-Hub has provided 2000+ national and international startups access to superior technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors, government agencies, and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders.

T-Hub has elevated innovation for leading national and global corporations, transforming their business models for the better. Collaborating with innovation partners and enablers in Telangana, India and worldwide, T-Hub is building a future-ready innovation ecosystem.


The Accelerator will accept applications fromSeed funded startups, Registered in India /US, Advanced-stage Deep technology start-ups, Revenue generating start-ups.

A calendar will be accessible to Members through the membership portal

Many of these will be in person while some will be virtual or Hybrid.

Yes, once permission is given, mail will be opened and documents scanned and emailed.

It will be a Floating or a Hotdesk. It will be available 3 days/ week

Two individuals from your company are permitted to access the co-working space.

The membership will allow only 2 designated members from the company to access it. Additional charges apply if additional members want to access it. 

Yes, you have access to both T-Hub and FalconX co-working spaces.

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