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Abundant investment opportunities in high-potential startups, potential partnerships & associations with industry leaders, and the option to wear multiple hats of mentor, advisor, or strategic investor. This is what TAN delivers. Join our exclusive community and unlock unparalleled perks!

T-hub Angel Network (TAN)

Welcome to the Powered by Collins Initiative.  We’re glad you’re here. Our goal with Powered by Collins is to identify advanced technologies and solutions with direct applicability to Collins’ products and customers, and to combine our expertise with yours to create and field new products and services.

Vision for TAN

To build a Global Community of Thought Leaders, Change Makers & Investors who believe in growth through learning and enhance their net worth by leveraging holistic investment opportunities and integrated networks.

TAN Activities


Gain visibility into what is disrupting your industry and stay relevant to the latest trends.


Access abundant opportunities to invest in disruptive & growth potential startups.


Be a part of the ecosystem in more ways than one way as a mentor, advisor and, more importantly, as an active investor.


Build relationships with leaders across sectors & open doors to potential partnerships & associations.

A Network That Can Add Value Beyond Funding

Build relationships with leaders across sectors & open doors to potential partnerships & associations

Network with fellow investors, CXOs and successful entrepreneurs

Gain exposure to new businesses and learn about contemporary innovations & technologies

Support from the TAN Network for Startups

Go To Market Support
Industry Connect
Hiring Support
VC Connect
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Top Angel Networks and Platforms for Startups In India

The Initiative is a unique opportunity to directly collaborate with a leader in the aerospace industry and accelerate your capabilities and products to market.

Revenue Model


Orange Circle

Membership of Fee

INR 25,000

Membership Benefits:

Golden Circle

Membership of Fee

INR 40,000

Membership Benefits:

Platinum Circle

Membership of Fee

INR 75,000

Membership Benefits:


Express Interest for the Program

Top Angel Networks and Platforms for Startups In India

The Initiative is a unique opportunity to directly collaborate with a leader in the aerospace industry and accelerate your capabilities and products to market.

The Powered by Collins Process

Please review those opportunities  below and see if your company’s capabilities and solutions are a potential fit.

Tell us more about your company and your technology-enabled solutions via a Solution Brief. It’s our version of an introductory meeting in a document format. We’re looking for a < 3-page document or < 10 slide presentation (.pdf format preferred), with a total file size not exceeding 2 MB.

Information we’re looking for:
  • Description of your solution & why you think it fits the Collaboration Opportunity scope
  • Unique aspects of your solution and the technology enablers to create that uniqueness
  • Your capabilities – Your core team and its unique strengths
  • Your momentum to date – help us understand where you are in your development journey and some recent milestones and customer traction
  • A document with no Technical Data or controlled technical information

The internal Collins team will evaluate your Solution Brief submission for a fit with our needs and the likelihood of a successful collaboration together.

Selected Solution Briefs will be invited to join us for a Collaboration Day to explore, in greater detail, potential opportunities.

Collins may select a subset of Demo Day participants to collaborate with through a funded, proof-of concept demonstration.

Open Collaboration Opportunities

Space Mobility

How would you collaborate with Collins to increase the intelligence of the next generation spacesuit, improving its ability to act as a scientific platform for data gathering and astronaut monitoring?

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High Performance

How would you collaborate with Collins to develop inherently safe, high-energy density, battery systems with at least 20 kWh of capacity?

for Small UAS

How would you collaborate with Collins to increase small UAS utility for search & rescue missions by expanding and integrating platform perception sensing capabilities?

Composites Recycling & Circular Economy

How would you collaborate with Collins to transform composite scrap into high quality products with minimal energy usage?

Program Schedule

Friday, March 10th
Inaugural Powered by Collins Initiative Launches
Friday, May 19th
Applications Close
Collaboration Day for Selected Companies
Funded Demonstration Projects LAUNCH for Down SELECTED Companies

Our Team

The Applied Research & Technology team is a global technology and open innovation resource within Collins Aerospace working on mission-critical projects that push the boundaries of what technology can do. We work on the cutting edge, redefining our industry with innovative partners, government and academia to research and advance transformative technologies that can create a safer, more connected and sustainable world.

With teams located in the U.S., Europe and Asia, we leverage combined engineering expertise across Collins Aerospace and Raytheon Technologies to create differentiated systems-level solutions across a range of disciplines. Working together, we bring breakthrough technologies to market that redefine how the world experiences the present and envisions the future.

Activation Partner: T-Hub

T-Hub (Technology Hub) is a premier innovation hub and ecosystem enabler based in Hyderabad, India. T-Hub leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem and strives to create an impact for startups, corporations, and other ecosystem stakeholders. Its mission is to enable and empower an ecosystem hungry for innovation.

Incorporated in 2015, T-Hub has provided 2000+ national and international startups access to superior technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors, government agencies, and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders.

T-Hub has elevated innovation for leading national and global corporations, transforming their business models for the better. Collaborating with innovation partners and enablers in Telangana, India and worldwide, T-Hub is building a future-ready innovation ecosystem.

A new era of space exploration and travel has begun, fueled by a wave of technologies enabling safer and smarter access to this frontier. Collins is honored by our long history serving NASA with our Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU), otherwise known as our space suit and the world’s smallest spacecraft. We are looking to collaborate with providers of miniaturized, low-power approaches to temperature and pressure sensing with experience in deploying systems in extreme environments. Providers with unique approaches to multi-functional sensors are also sought. Collaborators will work with Collins to understand the unique mission requirements for space mobility, conduct evaluation tests of their technology and incorporate their solutions as part of ongoing design activities for EMU upgrades.

Powertrain electrification has the demonstrated potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of transportation technologies. Collins is committed to commercializing these advancements for aerospace, with over $3B invested in the last decade to advance more-electric architectures, including a recent $50M investment in a multi-megawatt power system test facility set to open in 2023. We are looking to collaborate with providers of cell chemistry, system packaging or management/optimization technologies or physical and digital methodologies with a 5-year or less commercialization roadmap. Proposed technologies must dramatically improve safety, life and charge/discharge (??) performance, while still retaining at least 200 Wh/kg of pack level energy density. Such providers will work with Collins to demonstrate their capabilities and incorporate their solutions into ongoing design and validation activities.

Technology miniaturization continues to accelerate the ability of small, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to assist in a broad range of life-saving missions, from disaster response to search & rescue, law enforcement and beyond. Collins has developed the RapidEdge™ Mission System to enable such vehicles to execute complex missions effectively, including multi-vehicle collaboration. We are looking to collaborate with smart payload and data integration providers through the open interfaces of the RapidEdge™ Mission System. Such providers will work with Collins to deliver new perception capabilities across the electromagnetic spectrum and to optimize those capabilities using existing platform data streams (weather, mission planning, etc.) for a range of small UAS platforms.

Composite materials have become ubiquitous in aerospace, offering strength and resilience, while reducing component weight. Collins is an industry leader in next-generation composite materials, including thermoplastics. We are looking to collaborate with providers of recycling technologies or manufacturers utilizing upcycled materials to reuse current composite scrap in novel applications. Such providers will work with Collins to understand our current remanent stream, demonstrate their capabilities in small scale, and develop a scalable roadmap for continued material utilization.