T-Hub in partnership with HT Media, presents “MediaTech Arcade” – A market access program to provide an opportunity for early stage startups to develop and commercialize ideas with disruptive potential and scale up through partnering with HT.

The arcade program has historically been a great platform to collaborate and pitch innovative products to corporates which are looking to disrupt through both external and internal innovation and expand their businesses.

This program is designed to cater specifically to MediaTech startups. Shortlisted companies will be chosen to pitch to senior HT leadership and the most innovative startups will be selected for PoCs, mentorship and potential long term partnerships and investment.


Ad stack Monetization
Content Automation
HR Tech
Market intelligence
Customer Engagement
Data Driven Innovation around Analytics, Monetization, Enrichment and Data Quality

More details on Focus Areas

  • Monetization of ad stack – programmatic, native.
  • Self-serve platform to sell ads directly with minimum human intervention
  • News-feed personalization
  • ML written articles
  • AI based editorial recommendation tools: Determine what should be covered and why based on SEO, traffic
  • Automated news assistant to link content that is connected implicitly or explicitly (based on their topic, tone of voice or other meta-data such as author or location)
  • Text to audio
  • Auto summarization of stories: Article summaries on digital properties, social media friendly
  • Automated Meta-tag, Image caption, auto tagging.
  • Auto creation of video. Automated multimedia creation (data visualization, image selection, interactive graphs)
  • Transcriptions.
  • Automated fake news checker: Validate news and feed-in to editors
  • Funnelling for potential candidates for learning courses (employment and up-skilling related)
  • Personalization, recommendations to candidates & recruiters
  • Enabling voice on the recruiter site: includes integration with Alexa and Google voice to process natural language search on the recruiter site
  • Candidate to candidate matching: finding the best match (people like him) based on a candidate choice by the recruiter
  • Determining a candidate’s propensity to join / accept the offer of a particular job description
  • Interview scheduler with location tracking to enable hiring manager to schedule interviews with candidates automatically
  • Augmented reality to determine jobs near me
  • Marketing automation to enable us to efficiently manage 1000’s of keyword campaigns to achieve objectives of selective acquisition of higher experience and particular geography / functional area candidates
  • Competition intelligence
  • Intelligence on advertisers – to help salesforce better target
  • Funnelling/targeting for subscriptions, churn reduction
  • Bot-driven customer engagement tool to drive conversions
  • Content to Commerce (relevant communities with content, engagement and commerce opportunities)
  • Automated engagement tools: Such as games, polls for particular content, AI driven customer care
  • Data security
  • Category analytics
  • Data Monetization
  • Enrichment and Data Quality


  • Mentoring and Market Knowledge from HT Business Leaders
  • Rapid scale-up opportunities – HT Media Digital Assets reach over 150mn people monthly
  • Opportunity to test within HT’s sandbox and learn from Domain Experts
  • Revenues and Independence from external capital
  • Success story for future sales
  • Scalable customer base
  • Attractive retail channel


T-Hub Mentors

Raghavendra Hunasgi

CMO – Evolutyz Corp

Phani kanth vooka

Co-Founder – TV2Z

Amardeep Singh

COO – Gutenberg LLC

HT Media Mentors

Ajay Shrivastava

CPTO & Business Initiatives Officer – HT Media Ltd

Puneet Jain

Chief Executive Officer – HT Digital News

Ramesh Menon

CBO – Digital Innovation & New Businesses – HT Media Ltd

Sandeep Rao

Chief Strategy Officer – HT Media Ltd

Abhishek Prasad

Head – Digital Subscriptions & Analytics – HT Media Ltd


29th September, 2020

Call for applications

30th November, 2020

Application submission deadline

7th November 2020

Invitations to selected startups

11th December, 2020

Arcade Pitch Day

16th December – 16th February, 2020

Mentor and POC Support Phase


HT Media found its beginning in 1924 when its flagship newspaper, Hindustan Times was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. HT Media has today grown to become one of India’s largest diversified media companies with presence across print, radio, digital, classifieds and learning verticals. Hindustan Times is India’s second largest English daily with a reach of 3.1 mn readers while Mint is India’s second most read business daily.

HT Media’s internet business operates leading web portals Hindustantimes.com with a reach of 32 mn monthly unique users, Livehindustan.com with a reach of 30 mn monthly unique users and Livemint.com with a reach of 35 mn monthly unique users. The company also powers Desimartini.com – the second largest platform in India dedicated to film and entertainment enthusiasts (5 mn monthly users).

Going forward, HT Media is geared up towards making giant leaps to attain its vision of becoming a technology led media house that delivers winning content across formats to sharply defined audience cohorts.


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