AWS Space Accelerator: India

Accelerating the next generation of space technology and space industry solutions in India.

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AWS and Minfy

Applications close Dec 3rd,2023

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AWS Space Accelerator: India

The AWS Space Accelerator: India, presented by AWS and supported by T-Hub and Minfy, is a 14-week program structured to support Space startups in India. Startups will learn about building space solutions, accelerating innovation, and how to bring ideas to life securely. Get critical lessons on accelerating your startup journey, building products, getting funds, and refining your pitch.

The program is designed for startups to enable their space technologies and innovations through mentorship, which includes a cohort of successful founders from the Indian space industry. Our commitment is to support startups pursuing groundbreaking space missions and help them pursue global opportunities.

This AWS program in India follows the MoU between AWS, ISRO and IN-SPACe announced in September 2023, which aims to nurture startups in space-tech, and support innovation in India's space sector.

Why AWS Space Accelerator: India

The partnership between AWS, Minfy, and T-Hub is structured to support Indian space startups during a focused 14-week program. The aim is to bring their innovative ideas to life using AWS cloud services, accelerate innovation through cloud-based solutions with Minfy, and receive crucial guidance from T-Hub on business establishment, funding, and pitch refinement.

AWS, renowned for providing secure, flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient cloud solutions, is committed to assisting startups in solving complex challenges in space and sustainability. The AWS Space Accelerator facilitates access to vital cloud and business resources, empowering startups to address these challenges with fresh innovation.

AWS Startup programs adopt a unique "working backwards" approach, introducing participating startups to influential stakeholders such as Fortune 500 customers, public sector entities, public-private organisations, venture capitalists, and investors. This exposure enables startups to gain a unique perspective on the needs and dynamics of the public sector, helping them enter the market swiftly, innovate effectively, and scale their solutions.

Program Benefits

Open Collaboration Opportunities

Space Mobility

How would you collaborate with Collins to increase the intelligence of the next generation spacesuit, improving its ability to act as a scientific platform for data gathering and astronaut monitoring?

High Performance

How would you collaborate with Collins to develop inherently safe, high-energy density, battery systems with at least 20 kWh of capacity?

for Small UAS

How would you collaborate with Collins to increase small UAS utility for search & rescue missions by expanding and integrating platform perception sensing capabilities?

Composites Recycling & Circular Economy

How would you collaborate with Collins to transform composite scrap into high quality products with minimal energy usage?

Program Schedule

06 February 2024
Call for Applications
31 March 2024
Application Closure
01- 10 April 2024
Application Screening
12 April 2024
Startups Onbording
19 April 2024
Program Kickoff


Tom Soderstrom

Former Director of Chief Technologies & NASA/JPL Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Pawan Kumar Chandana

Co-Founder & CEO at Skyroot Aerospace

Sanjay Nekkanti

Founder & CEO at Dhruva Space

Raj Chilakapati

Chief Technologist at Minfy

Vijay Bawra

A Passionate Startup Ecosystem Enabler and Driver @T-hub

Gajendra Tripathi

Helping Startups Grow Faster!

Koushik Ashnalli

Startup Innovation Team @ T-Hub

Rajesh D

Growth @T-Hub | Program Management | Strategic Marketing

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally.

MoU Partner

This AWS’s program in India, is focused on startups in the space sector, and follows the MoU it signed with ISRO and IN-SPACe on September 23, which envisions to nurture startups in space tech, and support innovation in this sector.

Activation Partner

T-Hub leads is India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem and strives to create an impact for startups, corporations, and other ecosystem stakeholders.

Tech Partner

Minfy is a Cloud Native System Integrator helping enterprises, startups and fast-growing businesses navigate digital journeys leveraging cloud, data and AI technologies.

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The Accelerator will accept applications from all Space startups, from prototype stage and above.

The program will be delivered in a hybrid model. Some physical attendance is required to get the most from the program and maximise opportunities to meet face to face with the teams, founders and partners involved.

Startups who are accepted will receive AWS credits, involvement in the intense, guided program on building your solution on cloud and getting it ready to pitch to investors and finding your first customer as well as mention in associated press releases. Startups who successfully graduate form the program will also be entered into the Alumni program and receive additional AWS credits benefits.

Startups who actively participate, build a working solution and complete workshops will be eligible to graduate from the program.
Fill out the application form [here]. Apply now and get a chance to be part of the program.

Startups will be selected based on a range of criteria. We will evaluate factors such as your solution, the market opportunity and size. The application process will run through a series of questions to provide as mush information as possible to provide you every opportunity for success. As part of the application process startups will be asked to submit a Solution brief.

Up to 20 Startups will be accepted to the program.

To get the most from the program, founders need to be beyond the ideation stage.
To get the most out of the program, startups must have a CTO or technical lead in place.

Express Interest for the Program

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A new era of space exploration and travel has begun, fueled by a wave of technologies enabling safer and smarter access to this frontier. Collins is honored by our long history serving NASA with our Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU), otherwise known as our space suit and the world’s smallest spacecraft. We are looking to collaborate with providers of miniaturized, low-power approaches to temperature and pressure sensing with experience in deploying systems in extreme environments. Providers with unique approaches to multi-functional sensors are also sought. Collaborators will work with Collins to understand the unique mission requirements for space mobility, conduct evaluation tests of their technology and incorporate their solutions as part of ongoing design activities for EMU upgrades.

Powertrain electrification has the demonstrated potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of transportation technologies. Collins is committed to commercializing these advancements for aerospace, with over $3B invested in the last decade to advance more-electric architectures, including a recent $50M investment in a multi-megawatt power system test facility set to open in 2023. We are looking to collaborate with providers of cell chemistry, system packaging or management/optimization technologies or physical and digital methodologies with a 5-year or less commercialization roadmap. Proposed technologies must dramatically improve safety, life and charge/discharge (??) performance, while still retaining at least 200 Wh/kg of pack level energy density. Such providers will work with Collins to demonstrate their capabilities and incorporate their solutions into ongoing design and validation activities.

Technology miniaturization continues to accelerate the ability of small, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to assist in a broad range of life-saving missions, from disaster response to search & rescue, law enforcement and beyond. Collins has developed the RapidEdge™ Mission System to enable such vehicles to execute complex missions effectively, including multi-vehicle collaboration. We are looking to collaborate with smart payload and data integration providers through the open interfaces of the RapidEdge™ Mission System. Such providers will work with Collins to deliver new perception capabilities across the electromagnetic spectrum and to optimize those capabilities using existing platform data streams (weather, mission planning, etc.) for a range of small UAS platforms.

Composite materials have become ubiquitous in aerospace, offering strength and resilience, while reducing component weight. Collins is an industry leader in next-generation composite materials, including thermoplastics. We are looking to collaborate with providers of recycling technologies or manufacturers utilizing upcycled materials to reuse current composite scrap in novel applications. Such providers will work with Collins to understand our current remanent stream, demonstrate their capabilities in small scale, and develop a scalable roadmap for continued material utilization.

AWS Aerospace & Satellite helps customers reimagine how they design, launch, operate, and maintain space systems, derive insights to make better decisions faster, and accelerate innovation. We bring together the most advanced, secure cloud infrastructure, broadest service portfolio, and extensive space industry expertise so you can simplify IT management and focus on your missions.

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This AWS’s program in India is focused on startups in the space sector and follows the MoU it signed with ISRO and IN-SPACe on September 23, which envisions nurturing startups in space tech and supporting innovation in the sector.

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T-Hub’s ambition extends beyond being a regional leader to becoming a global force in innovation and entrepreneurship. We see T-Hub as an epicenter where startups, through collaboration, partnerships, and unwavering support, undergo a metamorphosis into global disruptors. Spanning across 5,85,000 sq ft, with a capacity to hold up to 1000 startups, the massive infrastructure is more than just an incubator.

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Minfy’s Transformative services include modernising IT, building Intelligent Applications, demonstrating data to unlock business value, automating IT operations, solving customer problems with IP-led solutions, and providing world class 24/7 managed services. With 400+ client engagements, mature cloud, data, and AI practices and competencies led by 500+ bright Minfinites- They truly believe in augmenting human capabilities by leveraging technology.

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